Coaching & Mentoring

Our professionally qualified executive coaches provide our clients the motivation and support to build confidence, enhance skills, and improve performance. As mentors, with an intimate understanding of the aviation and travel industry, we can also guide and advise.

Face to face, one to one, confidential coaching is the most effective way to develop and support extremely busy people. Performance and business objectives can be delivered in parallel with the personal growth and fulfillment of the individual. It is very appropriate for leaders where being lonely at the top is a common experience.

Most organizations now use coaches for employees and teams they wish to develop – it is considered an important benefit or perk. Your coach is a guide, sounding board, taskmaster, and someone who has your best interests as a priority.

Our experience is that organisations with a coaching culture achieve better results. Performance improves when people receive honest and constructive feedback, appreciation, respect, encouragement and reward. Whether in the public or private sector, authoritarian styles of management are giving way to techniques that support and empower staff.

The benefits for the organisation

  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Higher moral, motivation and commitment
  • Retention of key people who feel valued and respected
  • Effectively manage change, conflict and crisis
  • More creative outlook in business strategy and planning
  • Improved management and leadership

The benefits for the individual

  • Impact in the critical First 100 days in a new role
  • Tackling a challenging issue, project, business start up
  • Career transition and progression
  • Enhancing personal performance, and confidence
  • Managing stress, and work / life balance
  • Developing a particular skill e.g.
    -  Leadership, communication, public speaking
    -  Sales, Marketing, Negotiation, PR

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The time has come when coaching for senior executives is “A Must”.  Institute of Directors

“Training alone is reported to be 22.4% effective, whereas coaching increased productivity by 88%” International Personnel Management Association

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