Leadership Development

As well as individual coaching for senior executives we offer a range of workshops and seminars. Bespoke progammes are tailoured to suit the needs of our clients. Courses are typically for 6 – 12 people and range from half day / full day to several days. Training and development is an investment leading to improved motivation, performance, and competitive advantage.

Our courses:

  • Effective Communication
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Customer Service Management
  • Manager as Coach
  • Professional Sales and Marketing
  • Leadership & influencing skills
  • Managing Performance
  • Handling the Media
  • Interview Techniques


We also facilitate team, board meetings and corporate events, to enable decision making, positive change, and action.


Situations may include:

  • Idea generation and brainstorming
  • Motivating a sales team
  • Unblocking a particular challenge or conundrum
  • Developing strategy and plans
  • Re-energising and enthusing teams
  • Preparing for a major negotiation

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