James Sena

James is an experienced learning and development coach and consultant. He worked for over 10 years at British Airways, holding management positions in the UK and globally in customer service, sales, marketing distribution and training. He strongly believes in and implements development programmes that integrate skills with the ‘moments of truth’ of the relevant process, be it managing people or selling. A notable achievement in his BA career was the refocusing of travel trade support programmes to corporate clients. Most of his development programmes are in the field of ‘relationship management’ how to influence, present, sell, consult and manage in the context of an on-going relationship. He also works on top tier communication skills programmes relating to organisational brand, values and culture.

Professional qualifications and notables

MBA (focused on global, service businesses). Accredited in many well known psychometric instruments. Advanced Facilitation Skills (Sheppard Moscow). Coach skills (Clutterbuck Associates). Associate of Roffey Park Institute.