Sally Dixon MBA PhD MRAeS

Dr Sally Dixon is passionate about airports.

As a skilled strategist with extensive Board-level capability, Sally has a wealth of experience in a wide range of airport-related projects. She is a leader in the field of stakeholder consultation on major infrastructure projects and has a track record for delivering workable, innovative solutions to the issues faced by organisations and their leaders today.

Sally’s experience includes airport acquisitions, airfreight forecasting, and strategic and business planning. She has a keen interest in skills and capacity building at strategic and operational levels. The focus of her ground breaking doctoral research at Cranfield was on stakeholder involvement in decision-making. Her research skills include both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

She is a Specialist Lecturer at Cranfield University, and has also provided lectures to government officers from overseas on the politics of aviation in the UK. She also provided the course content for an ebusiness-based supply chain module at Masters degree level, and implemented an undergraduate degree course entitled Business Studies with Airport Operations at Christ Church University.

Sally has a PhD from Cranfield University and an MBA from Kent University. She is a Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Her approach is collaborative, practical and solution driven.